Tears & Conditions

1. The policy of fixed price, warranty & buy back is valid from 01-Jan-2020. Cars sold before 1st Jan won't entertain under this policy.

2. Car Street can increase / decrease the fixed price without giving notice to anyone.

3. Fixed Price & Warranty is only on car street "Purchased" cars. Not on "Park & Sale" cars.

4. Car street can repair the cars (which applicable in Warranties) from Local workshops or OEM.

whichever suit at that particular moments.


• No accidents during the time of usage of the vehicle by the purchaser.

• Vehicle should not have involved in any Legal Case.

• Kilometers to be under 5000 kms for Sports cars and 15000 kms for SUV's and Sedans from the kms at which the car was bought from Car Street.

• Validity of Buy Back is for 365 days from the date of purchase from Car Street.

• The Buy Back offer is only valid if the Manufacturer doesn't reduces the price of the brand New Car. In case there is a reduction in price from the Manufacturer's side on a new car, this offer will be revised proportionately.

• The agreed buy back amount would be paid within 60 days of the seller communicating his intent to encase the buy back offer. An advance amount of 10% of the buy back amount will be paid by Car Street against the delivery of the car and rest within 60 days.