Warranty coverage

Every vehicle we sell comes with 6 months or 7500 kms /Basic comprehensive warranty. Our warranty is available on pre-inspected certified cars to help you cover the cost of maintenance and repair in case of any breakdown. Warranty is only given on all "Car street purchased cars " which goes through 120 check point inspected by car Street's trained and qualified engineer. T&C

What we cover in comprehensive warranty


Oil Pump, Crankshaft, Main Bearing, Connecting Rods, Piston & Rings, Inlet Valve, Exhaust Valves, Valve Guides, Cylinder Block/ Liner, Cylinder Head, Camshaft, Arm Rocker (HLA), Water Pump, Tensioner , Thermostat, Head Gasket T&C

Automatic Transmission

Shaft, Gears, Brake Bands, Oil Pump, Bearings & bushes ,dry plate ,Transfer Gear, Valves. T&C

Front Wheel Drive

Gears, Differential Unit, Drive Shaft (those with boot damages are not covered) T&C

Rear Wheel Drive

Propeller Shaft, Universal Joint T&C

Steering System

Steering Column, Steering Rack & Pinion, Power Steering Pump, ball joint (those boots damages are not covered)T&C

Braking System

Brake Booster, Wheel Cylinder. T&C

Fuel System

Mechanical & Electrical Fuel Pump, diesel Fuel Injection Pump. T&C

A C System

Compressor, Condenser, Cooling Coil, radiator. T&C

Electrical System

Starter Motor, Alternator, Ignition Coil, Cooling Fan Motor, Fuel Gauge, Combination Switch, Sensors (only engine management system) T&C