Reasons to choose a Pre-Owned Luxury Car over a New Economy Car

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The difference between old and new cars becomes negligible, except of course for the price. While many first-time buyers may be unsure about the decision of buying a Pre-Owned Luxury Car or a New Economy Car with the same money, we give you a few factors to consider and decide where you would want to put down your hard-earned money.

Pre-Owned Luxury Car


The foremost reason to buy a used luxury car over a new economy car is the simple fact you get a more feature-loaded car for lesser money. You are getting a luxury car for the same price. Anyone who has ever driven a Mercedes E Class will tell you the experience is considerably more special than driving a Toyota, a Honda or a Hyundai. This is perhaps the most compelling of the best reasons to buy a used luxury car. Due to depreciation, cars lose value with each passing month and kilometre, but the steepest decline happens right away; some models can lose 40% or more of their value in the first year. After that, it doesn’t depreciate quite as quickly. For example, over the four years, you own the more economical car, you could see considerably more depreciation than you would over the four years you own the used luxury car.

Advanced Safety Equipment

It’s a fact, the vast majority of safety innovations we take for granted today in mainstream cars were introduced first in luxury cars. Seat belts, airbags, backup cameras, blind-spot monitors, rear cross-traffic alert, smart cruise control, and even keyless entry and push-button start were featured on luxury cars first. In many cases, a four-year-old Pre-Owned Old Luxury Car will offer more safety features than a brand-new economy car at the same price.

Advanced Safety Equipment

Leading Edge Comfort and Convenience Features

Like safety equipment, many of the commonly accepted comfort and convenience features routinely found in mainstream cars these days debuted in luxury cars. The electric starter, automatic climate control, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, power windows, self-dimming headlights, power mirrors, and specifically tailored audio systems, all made their debut as features on luxury cars. So, if you are looking to take advantage of tomorrow’s best comfort and convenience features today, even a four-year-old used luxury car can take you well into that realm.

Driving a lesser car won’t suit you

Once you’ve experienced the smoothness, power, and feature set of a good luxury car, it’s very hard to drive a more economy-oriented automobile. You’ll miss the comfortable ambience of the interior, the seamless power, the broad array of luxurious convenience features, and the exceptionally good feeling you get walking up to a luxury car when you’re leaving with acquaintances.

Driving a lesser car won’t suit you

While a second-hand luxury car is a great option, doing your research and buying it from the right place is as important. Car Street offers some unique advantages towards selecting the right car. In our stock, we have 100% Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Cars with a 6-Month Warranty Period, a 1-Year Buy-Back Offer and 100% Loan & Finance & Delivery options Pan-India!

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