Beamer or BMW: Why is BMW known as Beamers!!

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BMW is among the most elegant and luxurious cars one can think of. Its style, class, and outstanding performance have drawn people who have loved cars over time to purchase the vehicle themselves. Due to the rich history of the car and the many nicknames it has received, the name has become popular. The terms such as Bimmer, Beemer, or Beamer are used to refer to BMW cars. Likewise, the Bimmer is often referred to as a BMW car, while Beemer, as well as Beamer, are used to refer to BMW motorcycles. Get in touch with Car Street to purchase the best quality, pre-owned BMW automobiles.

BSA motorcycles were called Beemers. Then, BMW enthusiasts decided to name BMW motorbikes Beemers. With time, people began calling themselves Beamers. Finally, the company started designing and producing cars and became one of the most prestigious automobile makers. To distinguish motorcycles from cars, BMW coined the term Bimmer.

Beamer can be the very first nickname given to BMW. It was a name used first in Great Britain to distinguish BMW motorcycles from those from a local manufacturer, Beezer. It was the Beamers gained popularity in the motorbike racing series in Britain. It was the first motorcycle manufacturer outside of Great Britain to win the famous “Isle of Man” TT Races.”

When the name Beemer was gaining popularity, the name Bimmer came into the US for the first time. This was due to the rising popularity of BMW automobiles with North American clients. Bimmer began in the early 1970s when Boston Chapter BMW Club used it as its official newsletter. At the time, a US magazine specifically for BMW enthusiasts came out, leading to the rise of the moniker Bimmer to refer to BMW automobiles among US enthusiasts. At first, North Americans were calling BMW automobiles Beamers; however, soon after, it was apparent that the Bimmer moniker gained more attention and was adopted by more people.

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